Commonwealth Bank

Product research and concept testing for the CBA's high end customers.


Transactional mobile app design of the bank for its million customers.


Experience design for open banking framework to exchange and manage the consents.

Commonwealth Bank

Product design to present performance analytics that are easy to compare and scale across teams.


Product design for Tesla batterries to keep control on its mode as per required schedule.


Designing Spares search solution for ERP to find and book from diferent devices.


Experience Design lead for creating delightful customer journey of travel insurance purchase path.

Optus + frog

Digital shopping experience design with the concept of "P" to deliver information to end at e-commerce for Optus, Spring Program.

Allianz Australia Insurance

Product Design Lead for smart customer care center to replace legacy system in Allianz Australia Insurance.


Experience Lead for digital transformation of Childcare center management from a paper-based process to digital service.


Branding & Experience Manager to deliver engaging service experiences for 10 million customers of Ncell.


Experience Design Manager for Open source CMS built on Microsoft technologies later won best critics award.


Experience designer for an open source e-commerce cm that allows creating online shopping stores.

Norwest College

Experience designer to create responsive content to fit the different devices, focused on particular services.

Youthworks Outdoors

Experience design to provide a memorable camp experience in camps for college & university students.

Container Shelters

Product experience design to keep the leading attitude of the innovative shelter systems in Australasia and beyond.

E-commerce Concept

Conceptual design for Silicon Valley startup to create a seamless online shopping experience and visual design.

Kaspersky Lab Coming Soon.

Experience Design for the most trusted product for security. Visual Design for products and maintain e-store for Australia & NZ.

Braindigit - Coming Soon

One of the best work of my career as Brand/Product Manager for multinational company, BRAINDIGIT

Courier Parcel

Courier Parcel was online service designed to compare the logistics services in Australia and NewZealand.

City of Ipswich

I was the winner of the design challenge for the experience design.

AK legal

Branding, content, and context for the legal firm. Not easy.

Australian Capital Technologies

Digital service for vendors to order bundled security products businesses.


Hamec design studio is a small business in drafting and building consultant for construction.

Emporio Organic

Experience design for shopping organic products in Australia.

Wise Choice Emporium

Experience design for shopping organic utensils especially for retail vendors.

J and C

Had a chance to work with a bridal designer company, to showcase their experience.

Gobingoo, Singapore

Product manager for Gobingoo product, which was extended to Singapore as a company.

Core brewing Concepts

B2B e-commerce supplier of high-end quality brewing equipment and concepts.


Small, sweet experience, visual and HTML/CSS project for care.

Models Club Wear

Online shopping experience design for women wears with quality and brands.