Experience Design for TID

Travel Insurance Direct have covered over 1 million Aussies in the last ten years travelling around the world. The design solution simplified the customer journey to get covered themselves before travelling.


The problem was customers were dropping off in insurance purchase journey. There were looking for a design solution to create single, simple and shorten the path to buy their travel covers. The intuitive sense for helping customers to choose their needs.


Improvement in user journey, within a single route to focus on the target. In the same context, each step would be more sensible, effective and simple to perform an actual action in standard format as users expect in common sense.


User research, CX analysis, prototype, interaction design, visual design, workshop and design process

The process started with insights and existing test cases of TID customers. The tools like google analytics and Full story were used for user testing the existing model. The sales charts, marketing engagement were looked over for overall requirements for new business cases.

Design Details
  • Date: September 2016
  • Platform: Desktop, tablet and mobile (Responsive Design) + Mobile App (Prototype)
  • Technology: Sketch, Invision, Adobe Creative Cloud, Jira
Design Process
  • Understand
  • Sketch
  • Decide
  • Prototype
  • Validate
What did I do?
  • Customer research for Travel Insurance products with google analytics and fullstory.
  • Propose enhancement in user journey of purchase path.
  • Started lean UX design process to research mobile version, concept inception for campaigns.
  • Interaction documentation to produce components in visual designs.
  • Facilitate brainstorming sessions and workshops for product ideation.
  • Conventional composition for user stories, scenarios and acceptance criteria.
  • Sketch complete user journey along existing AI and sitemap.
  • High-fidelity visual design for the approved user experience with interactions.
  • Walkthrough design solution session for stakeholders and document feedbacks.

The final touch was increasing numbers in sale figure, the purchase path was made easy, simple with beautiful sights. The design process was improved in iterations, visual design trends, and using proper components in the overall website.

Visual Design Components

This role had a huge involvement in design thinking for visual components as well. The entire TID website was improved with new visual components keeping the branding on its own.