Shopping Experience Design for Optus

The second largest telecommunications company in Australia, Optus had spring program to redesign their digital shopping experience. Frog, the global design firm was in Sydney to provide the design solution.


The existing digital service was not able to derive customer for digital shopping across different platform. The shopping experience was scattered all around, which was too much busy but did not have a single proper path to complete an end-to-end journey. The new design has to cater global experience language, pattern library and limited to visual components to keep the experience consistent across all the platforms.


Improvement in user journey, within a single route to focus on the target. In the same context, each step would be more sensible, effective and simple to perform an actual action in standard format as users expect in common sense.


Information Architecture, Interaction Design with Annotation (DDD), Visual Designs

The design requirements were supplied by stakeholders in epic, user story and scenarios with acceptation criteria details. The interaction design and IA flow are designed to give the first prototype. The first design solution was held by the team and then revised to get iteration and finally take walkthrough with stakeholders in each sprint end.

Design Details
  • Date: June 2016
  • Platform: Desktop, tablets and mobile (Responsive Design)
  • Technology: Sketch, Invision, Keynotes, AxureRP, Jira
Design Process
  • Understand
  • Sketch
  • Decide
  • Prototype
  • Validate

The process was rigorous for ideate, prototype, test, and iterate for each every proposed design solution. The Detail design document was created as a deliverable for stakeholders and developers to implement them later. The AxureRP was used to create the simple prototype for each user story journey, whereas Sketch and Invision App were used for visual design.

What did I do?
  • Digest business requirements, user stories, scenarios.
  • Create prototype based on the epic, user story and acceptance criteria.
  • Design complete user journey in existing AI for given acceptation criteria.
  • Create design prototype with write each of the interactions.
  • Annotate the interaction and create the DDD.
  • High-fidelity visual design for the approved user experience.
  • Walkthrough stakeholders through the designed user experience from end-to-end.

Finally, visual design based on GEL helped the client to keep their user experience consistent across all platforms and each component was defined for service certain value in the digital shopping experience. There was single "P" shopping experience journey defined starting from information to shopping or directly shopping.

Visual Design Components

The new branding was using component approach to define its design patterns, with proper library in html, css and javascripts interactions.

Due to copyright issues, visual designs, wireframes, DDDs, axure and invision prototypes are not published. Please contact me for the separate portfolio. Thank you.