Designing Open banking framework experience

There was a need for new experience design to exchange the consents in the banking industry to introduce open banking concept among its millions of customers.


Open Banking concept is new in Australia, which is going to come in effect from 1 July 2019. Westpac has to design an experience to interchange the consent for data sharing.

What I did

Following the UK open banking standards, the initial concept was created to match the Australian banking standards for Open Banking. The program decided to design the end-to-end experience journey to initiate consent, authenticate the access and exchange the consents for sharing data with any third-party provider. We organised workshops with Fintechs from the UK, security consultants, and experience design teams to share ideas for designing consent portal and manage services around it.


The experience designed for desktop and mobile platforms to produce delivery ready UI, components and interactions. The clickable prototype was created to present the concept to the Australian Government as baseline guideline.

Visual Design Components

The visual are coming soon.