Container Shelters - Shopping Experience

Container Shelters by Allshelterâ„¢ is an Australian Manufacturing and Engineering business that specialises in covering excellence.


The challenge was to provide the complete and better user journey for the online user to view the details of the containers and order them online.


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User Research, Experience Design, Visual Design and Frontend coding

The process started with user interviews, stakeholders idea and ideation they want to do with their digital experience. The next was us to present wireframe concept to acquire their business requirements. The final solution was to produce visual components for the final solution.

Design Details
  • Date: November 2013
  • Platform: Desktop, tablets, and mobile (Responsive)
  • Technology: Adobe Creative Cloud, Jira, C#
  • Targeted Users: Construction and delivery industry.
Design Process
  • Understand
  • Sketch
  • Decide
  • Prototype
  • Validate
What did I do?
  • Stakeholder interviews, product design ideation
  • Documenting design requirements, visual design requirements, information architecture and content strategy
  • Visual design for the approved prototype and interaction guidelines.
  • Creating wireframes and low-fidelity prototypes
  • High-fidelity visual design & guidelines
  • Front-end development HTML, CSS
  • Google analytics to analyse the change effect.

This project was interesting in terms of the user research. The business owners were far from the city and offering the business from nearly 3-5 hours away from the Sydney. They had a huge industrial area to build the constrainers for the shipping companies and factories for the temporary storage and shipping. The users in this project were very specific to the industry and limited. The interview sections were done through Skype with the stakeholders and requirements were documented.


The online user to buy the container was created as personas and the journey to close the deal after viewing the complete details of the containers, the user wants to buy. The journey was meant to be very specific with each and every detail, which makes the difference in containers sales.


As the website is e-commerce, the sitemap was generally as expected by users except for the product details sections. The features to present the details of containers were complicated and the user has to go through all the process to order the container without any disruption.


The initial sketches of the project were done, which user journey and sitemaps to present the idea of the containers and its type. As the stakeholders were happy with primitive concepts, they allowed moving forward with the visual design.


All the pages for the project were designed with the responsive design as well for different devices. This had 4-5 iterations in the different layouts, colors, fonts and content used, which was finally approved by the stakeholders and the development was started. The review of landing page was done few more iteration, which went changes over many times.


After proper testing with users in stakeholder’s side, the Google analytics and user analysis were done to review the new website and its features. The content presentation was new with the product details on the home page and can select the dimensions to find the needed product. The derived the straightforward journey to find the details and buy them.