Allianz Australia Insurance

Allianz Australia provides insurance to more than 3 million local people and businesses to protect the things we love. I was user experience lead to product design of Omnia, serving now in Allianz to know their client before saying "hello sir/mam..."


Allianz had existing call center system with 30 steps to identify the caller. They want to build an application to get know the customer and pop up their information on a screen so that they can identify the person they will be serving. The application built on the foundation of Allianz core gold records of 3 million customer base.


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Prototype, Interaction Design, Annotations, Visual Designs

The design requirements were supplied by stakeholders in epic, user story and scenarios with acceptation criteria details. The interaction design and IA flow are designed to give the first prototype. The first design solution was held by the team and then revised to get iteration and finally take walkthrough with stakeholders in each sprint end.

The process was rigorous for ideate, prototype, test, and iterate for each every proposed design solution. The Detail design document was created as a deliverable for stakeholders and developers to implement them later. The AxureRP was used to create the simple prototype for each user story journey, whereas Sketch and Invision App were used for visual design.

Design Details
  • Date: June 2016
  • Platform: Desktop and tablets (Responsive Design)
  • Technology: Sketch, Invision, Keynotes, AxureRP, Jira
Design Process
  • Understand
  • Sketch
  • Decide
  • Prototype
  • Validate
What did I do?
  • Digest business requirements, user stories, scenarios
  • Create prototype based on business requirements
  • Design complete user journey along with AI for given acceptation criteria
  • Create design prototype and component interactions.
  • High-fidelity visual design for the approved prototype and interactions.
  • Walkthrough stakeholders through the designed user experience from an end-to-end journey.

After the product was ready, of Allianz Australia Insurance had the successful implementation to service call center calls to say hi with overall information of caller on their computer screen.

Conceptual Wireframes

Visual Design