Product Design ADA measuring team performance

Measuring team performance and tools for 300 teams is complicated. The applications aim is to present performance analytics that is easy to compare and scale across teams.


ADA need full refresh on its visual presentation so that each insights make sense for the product owners, team leads, business stakeholders and scrum masters. Starting with Team summary view experience analysis, incorporate customer feedbacks from workshops, showcase and teams using ADA.Experience redesign and implement also include some part of the global experience of navigation and visual appearance for the application..


Review the team summary page experience to a narrative view of insights so that that team summary users can improve on their missing points.

What I did

We defined the problem and developed new concepts for user testing. Using feedback from stakeholder workshops and ideation sessions, we were able to refine the product and its insights experience.

  • Initial discovery about the earlier version
  • Expert reviews
  • User interviews with ADA users - scrum masters, PO and team leads
  • Data synthesising and review insights
  • How we might question to define problems
  • Ideation -> Initial Design Concept
  • Concept Iteration every ALT day
  • Design Visual Elements
  • Showcase to Customers -> Feedback
  • Iterate Design Solution
  • Document Interactions
  • Deliver the user story with all deliverables assets


The project came out to the outstanding product redesign on that quarter, giving me the outstanding contributor award. The improved application experience now delivers meaningful analytics to more than 150 teams within CBA.

Visual Design Components

The visuals will be coming soon.