About experience design

Experience design, a methodology that keeps the design evolution to solve the problem with user need in centre. Technically, its the solution to make people's interaction with complex systems. I would define it as a process to create easy interaction for a human to do their tasks using computers or machines.

User Experience Process

Keeping all the theories and standards aside, the simple process in my daily life starts with following steps:

  • Research  - paper reviews, competitive analysis, interviews, contextual inquiries, surveys etc
  • Ideation  - brainstorming, diverging and converging on ideas, customer journey, persona etc
  • Wireframe  -  ideas, sketches, brainstorming, what worked and what didn’t, testing results, iterations
  • Design - fleshed out design, test/feedback, iterations, final design
  • Prototype  -  user testing, iteration, towards development (if you did)
User Experience & Team Lead
Interaction Documentation (DDD)
Visual Design
Wireframe & Prototype

This is me

After graduated as a software engineer, I chose design career with the concept of problem solution by design thinking. Early, I was intrigued by human-computer interaction and its development through the digital evolution era. We have seen the historical evolution of digital media from cinema to mobile leading to AR/VR.


  • Macquarie University - Master of Research in Enterprise Architecture, HCI & UX
  • Interaction Design Foundation - Human Computer Interaction

My favourite tools in daily life are a pen, paper, sticky note, google docs, Adobe XD, Adobe Creative Cloud, Invision App, Sketch, AxureRP analytics tools, full story, user testing applications, Jira or TFS for the agile development process.