Dec 12

Proud being FACE of BRAINDIGIT

Being Face of "BRAINDIGIT"

Being Face of “BRAINDIGIT”

Today, the day i was so busy in my work, had good day and getting back to my home in public vehicle looking around the people in street who were in rush to get back to their destination. Its just my way to discover the human interactions all the time. Oh! hold on here, there is something i forgot to mention, its been a year with BRAINDIGIT being face of the brand. Awooo, a year it made me feel like just few days only, which put me on so many experiences, achievements and good times. I turn back and look out my a year when i joined BRAINDIGIT officially.

Joining date, i still remember, our DGM made introduce me to the company family with huge expectations. I stand in front of all employees to say few words and it went really few words only. I couldn’t speak much as i have many things to achieve and to do list for the next one year. I was new to environment, new to HR, new to the generation i am going to work. But there was huge energy inside me to make the brand stronger, better and show presence in the local and global market. I was in deep thought to make this possible in a year. It was not impossible, but really hard to push it without proper resources like budget, strategy, plan, hard work and specially the human resources. The other terms except the HR could be possible, if i ask to my management, but talented and perfect HR, its not what i can ask to someone to get for me.

The HR, prefer to say talented and skilled human resource is the top most challenge for me to come up and make this brand the best among millions of brand in the market. The combination of the brilliant minds is the core part behind the success of any brand. Minds that are creative, innovative and full topnotch ideas is what i want to assemble first. Because, i knew that being the best brand is only possible, if it has most brilliant minds behind. The innovative team behind the brand what it really makes difference and possibilities to achieve the targeted singular goal. I like to thanks all the teams behind the brand, Designers, Developers, QA, Support, Marketing, Sales, Content, HR and Management. Thanks to Chairman, CEO, DGM and Project Managers for supporting to step forward towards our dream.

After a year, I can see the brand “BRAINDIGIT” is at least somewhere up in the market. People started to know about us, people has started talking us, people has nominated the brand as 3rd top most IT company in Nepal. People are taking the brand as trend changer in local software market. And news are popping out in medias already, the local brand for the local IT industry. The brand is rising up to strengthen the IT industry, establishing itself to grow the economy of Nepal and branding itself to be the leader in global IT industry.

The brand incorporates world class web based applications like SageFrame – the best budget CMS, AspxCommerce – best ecommerce plaform in .net, Listbingo – the classified extension and smart apps for Android as well as in Windows Phone. The brand is challenging current solution based industry to be the product based industry. The products of the brand are serving more than 100,000 people around the world with its open source strategy. We have more than 50,000+ registered users in Listbingo, 15,000+ using SageFrame, 5,000+ people using AspxCommerce to build the online webstore.

Being the face of the brand is really great honor, to justify it is more tough and need a lot of hard work. I carry this brand wherever i go, represent it whenever it requires to get introduction. This year made me more mature, strong and energies to work for the brand to the next level. Together, we can take the brand to make the leader in the global economy. Its really the worth and being part of “BRAINDIGIT”

May 12

EXCLUSIVE: First ‘Skyfall’ trailer revealed @ ansignature.com

After the long wait with the release of “Quantum of Solace” release in 2008. Finally, Another sequel, the 23rd movie of James Bond titled “Skyfall” has revealed its first preview yesterday and today on www.ansignature.com/blog. Officially revealed on Tuesday (22.05.2012) morning exclusively for Yahoo! Malaysia, this is the first proper footage from the much-anticipated 23rd James Bond movie, and the 1-minute-15-second heart-pounding trailer gives an indication of the film’s moody visual style.

Check out the most exclusive promo for 23rd James Bond movie.

May 12

Batman superhero epic “The Dark Knight Rises” promo is out and its amazing to post as featured @ansignature

Finally, The superhero epic knocking soon at theaters this summer. The epic seems more serious, bloody, dark, painful and glorious. The theme is visually appealing than ever made cinemas. The actors and characters seems heroic and scary then ever.

I like to featured this promo as another record breaking epic story telling. Cannot wait to watch it :)

Jan 12

Throw out your designers!

throw out your designers from amit gurung on Vimeo.

It’s been already long time researching, experimenting and working in how design works. There are numbers of theories, practices and myths in design conceptualization. Today, I want to focus on things, that are not working after implementing the proven theories and practices before bringing them to professional tables. Design has so many things, people don’t understand or design not enough to send targeted message on audience. This may be the problem in designers or may be the marketing people cannot present them well. Therefore, Everyone working in something presentable must be very clear, what they are asking public to view in that presentation.

Companies, focused in designs for website, user-interfaces of applications, apps for different platforms and devices usually have numbers of strong portfolio designers. They work hard enough to make the things visible for the customers of the products they are developing, but when they failed somewhere and somehow, then its really a big mess, huge chunk of rubbish out there to clean up for designers for another working day, week and month.

Designers, always work hard to express their messages using their skills. They manage themselves to go beyond the imagination and craft something never seen before. The creative part of the designers come here but again, different people have different perspectives to view same object and a lot of comments comes out to make designers frustrated. This does not ends here. Again, he/she goes per comments and realize them, if they are valid and works more than his/her perspective. Designers have huge chances of getting confusing here, which degree of view is perfect than all of them. This creates the illusion and more blur view of same message in designer’s eye.

The next part starts after he gets confusion and start to retouch the design created. Designer’s mind already in total confusion, eyes blur, target feels missed and think about the next change. This is going to be more mess and total disaster then ever. Everything in the screen start not working perfect as before it got commented, the graphics act funny presentations, the topography already seems dancing with their different family types and they flow of the information seems lost its way. The lines used, beautiful curves goes distracted and not pixel refined. The icons gets angry for using it in wrong meaning titles, where as title already in bad mood for being bigger than enough. In the same time links undefined itself what it was actually.

Finally, Designer feels murdered with his/her own created design and throws everything saying its time for giving up! Just follow or copy what the boss, project manager or team lead likes. That’s makes another designer victory to get over something done which makes creative designer totally failure in his skills. So, If you think, you are good designer then be able to make understand what is your design communicates to the public.

Any company, if don;t have designers dare to give perfect understandable message or the designers following boss perspective. Please, throw out your designers out of your company. Any people who cannot see their designer’s perspective working in the team, please throw him as well. Its easier life for both parties. Just chill, have fun and enjoy what you do!

Jan 12

Interaction Design for Humans

We, humans, are always surrounded with a lot of information and have a huge pressure on our mind to analyze them in order to make a successful choice. There are so many data we have to deal in our daily life. The data are always important, but they may differ according to place and time. We all have to interact with these data but every individual gets it in his/her perspective and understands these data in his/her own way and uses it to decide what the particular data means; This is the crucial part for any information architect to design and present any information. The same content may provide different meanings to different people from different cultures, places and with different languages.

The interactive designer has to be careful while designing any information for public. Designer has to analyze the same information from different perspective and its effect on each individual from different geography and culture. We can find many guidelines outlining usability principles, we should practice when building an app, a website or a product. Initially, we need to take care about the following important guidelines.


We need to design the information so that it motivates the users to use your platform as the first place. The design should motivate the users to come and find required information in a way they want to view it.


The information flow should fulfill the users’ wants. The users develop a certain habit of viewing the information. Such as they will be looking for submit button right after the end of the form. This flow to the users’ search requires information on the human manners and expectation.


The designer can force the users to change their flow of consuming information with buttons and navigations. He can make users to give up their old way and follow new, often easier way to get to their required information.


The clicks and navigation always lets the users to expect the result of their effort to click. There should not be much confusion in banners, ads, links and buttons. The designer must provide an appropriate response when the users put an effort to click.


The human interaction should always be tested before it’s executed to real implementation. The interaction must be working in the way designer wants and must be responded by users in the way they want them.

Finally, there are many more guidelines to create human interactions to designs, information and data grids, we have created. The main purpose of the interaction design should be to make human life easier and less burdensome at the flow of the information taking place on their screens.

Mar 11

life left behind!

life left behind!

When i took this picture with my hand phone, I din’t think much. I was passing by and saw them resting in the dusty way in mid-day sun. As I see this in my computer after few days, then really all among the pictures i have, this catches my attention a lot. Its really speaks the life behind this globalized century.

Scene: This the way main way for more than 5,000 people walk everyday for their needs to be alive. The way was around 100 years old, but still the same. The two guys like any other travelers as me are on the behind, one of them holding clay pot, but their jeans shows, they are younger generations. The man with very dirty dress and bag is very old and the woman is sleeping in the middle of the way without caring any of those travelers. We can imagine the life over there with this picture.

I din’t talk to them this time. but those young guys told me, She was drunk very morning and traveling somewhere. So she is taking rest there. But i asked why in the middle of the way and its 12noon? They answer nothing.

Every time i look this picture, it reminds me the life around the world who don;t have proper drinking water, enough food and clothes rather than transport, education, health and city facilities. Its impossible to think smart phones, apps, Facebook, and whole internet. Its so hard to think, how they are living. We all are humans and there are thousands, millions meetings, human right organizations to discuss the better human life or making everyone’s life better or equal. I think, this picture is enough to speak, the gap between rich and poor is increasing more and more…..!

After I return same way after 5 hrs, i saw the man and woman just woke up and started their journey. The place was deep valley and the sunset over there is around 2pm, with the less hope to their destination.. they were walking slowly in the evening…still i din’t dare to ask, where are you going so late?

Mar 11

Elephant Soccer in Nepal.

Just few months, the tournament was held in Chitwan National Park, Chitwan. There was huge mass to watch how elephant plays soccer. It’s the part of Visit Nepal 2011. so it was fun over there. Check out some pictures.

For more pics. Please go here! Enjoy. :)

Mar 10

Designing User Interfaces For Business Web Applications, By Janko Jovanovic

Hi everyone. It went long gap for my updates. There are so many digital articles in www everyone are busy for reading them. So I keep on reading them rather posting or writing myself. I got new article in smashing magazine which is very helpful to most of designer doing web and ui both. They have listed all the design principles, tools, rules and methodologies for web and ui separately. I think the article talks more about designer’s difficulties for web and ui designing. Check out the complete article in the link.



Jan 10

Redesign: Relaunch and Best Practices

When we come near to any old business clients, they will approach us with their existing website and ask designers to make it new product. They always want to make their website represent their business. This leads the Redesign of the websites. We have to do all of practices to make it successful product which last for next design trends….. For me Redesign is refreshing business attitude of the company or business represented by the website.

Here are few Redesign: Best Practices I found and followed.

Redesigning a website is a big job (needless to say) and should be handled with care. Many of us with a portfolio, blog or other website have probably thought about a redesign or at least know we need one. For many designers, though, that redesign never comes. As big and important as it is, the job can turn into a hugely daunting task that we put straight on the backburner of our to-do list.

Why is doing a simple redesign so daunting? Why is it so difficult to follow through, even when we’ve decided to do it? How can we work on designing our clients’ websites successfully every day and then perpetually neglect our own?

The problem is both a lack of correct planning and a lack of understanding of the root need for the redesign. Once we’ve identified these elements, we’re set for success. In this article, we’ll discuss how to plan and execute a redesign, and how to find the perfect timing for it.

Read from smashingmagazine.com.

Jan 10

29 Resources for Freelance Designers Operating on a Tight Budget

There are plenty of highly-useful resources and web apps that have been created with freelance designers and developers in mind. But for many freelancers, especially those who are just getting started, pricing can be an issue. In this post we’ll feature 29 resources that are not only very useful fore …

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